The Weekend

weekendThe weekend was pretty rough, with no rhyme or reason to most readings. On the “purple” day (which was actually Saturday, not Friday… my Dexcom had the wrong date when I uploaded it), I woke up with a high BG and simply could not get it down. So, I changed out my cartridge since it had been since Tuesday that I had it in there, and my BG plummeted by 4pm. It’s not been bad since, even through my son’s birthday party yesterday.

I’m constantly tweaking things in the pump as well as around that I do (like no eating-meals/snacks-too-close-together) and watching how the insulin affects me so that I’m not overbolusing/stacking if I do eat a meal then decide to add a bit more on for dessert. I still worry that charging more than once or twice during a cartridge use will cause the pump to heat (thus causing the insulin to go bad). I may be completely wrong, but it’s still something in the back of my mind. I’m going to try giving it one good full charge and see if I can get at least 4 days out of a cartridge (since Novolog is approved in insulin pumps for up to 6 days, that way I can change out my infusion site in the middle of the wear time).

Overall, I’ve been happy with the t:slim again. I’ve still got some things I need to work out, but it’s been a good choice so far.  

The Forbidden

When I switched over to the Tandem t:slim insulin pump, I knew I would have to switch insulin as well from Apidra back to Novolog, which was fine with me. I had used Novolog successfully during my pregnancy with a bit of extra work. So, I started t:slimmin’ with Novolog and things worked out great.

But if you know anything about me, it’s that I’m a curious cat. As it is told in the Tandem t:slim manual, it is only approved for use with Humalog and Novolog, not Apidra. Why, I’m not sure, but I was told that it’s simply because they didn’t use Apidra in their testing trials. And LOTS of people were not aware of this before switching over or starting on this pump, and had lots of trouble with occlusions and such, which promptly disappeared as soon as they switched to one of the approved insulins. So, I wanted to try it for myself. Glutton for punishment, some would say, and yes… I guess you could say that…but…

Apidra Tslim


I did it anyway. And I have been for the past month. I don’t know why I’m able to use Apidra and others aren’t, but I’ve been working on a theory….

One thought is that the heat from charging the t:Slim damages the Apidra since it’s not stable in heat. I have been charging my t:slim about twice per week, and when I do, I place it on a refrigerated (NOT frozen!) cool pack for the time that it takes to charge. Whether this is the “cure” for it or not, I don’t know, but I’ve been successfully using Apidra for the past month with no issues.

Another theory I have is geographic location… or sea level…or atmospheric pressure…. maybe that’s what I’m thinking… I don’t know.. I’m not a scientist (though I would LOVE to be one) but something else has got to be happening for others to have such an issue and not having success with Apidra in the t:slim. I really hope this can be figured out. I think the t:slim is a great insulin pump and could be used by a lot of people (well, a lot MORE people) if Apidra was a good, stable option.

What’s the point of this post? I’m not quite sure. Other than to be another testament to just how much of a diabetes geek I am. :)