The Decision Year

This November will mark my 4 year anniversary with the t:slim – and also will mean my pump will be out of warranty. I’m currently mulling over and deciding whether to stay with Tandem or to move on (and backwards) to another pump company.

I have honestly researched all of the pumps on the market for the US right now, and it just seems that going to another pump other than Omnipod would just be taking a step backward. MedT is out automatically because their pump has a proprietary CGM, and seeing as how I love for all of my reports to be in one place, they’re not a contender (currently). And, due to my insurance plan, I cannot afford the Omnipod pods on a monthly basis, so they’re also out.

I have deeply thought of Animas, but they seem to be stagnant in their design. And, hello, if I go with them, I’ll be getting a pump design that is almost 8+ years old. Not something I’m fond of doing, especially since the Vibe has been on the market for 5-6 years, integrated with G4 (though poorly integratedĀ in my opinion) and by the time I can upgrade, the talks of the G6 will be in the works. They’re still on my radar, though, as I trust their pump. It’s a pain in the butt to upload and scroll, but it’s a good backup thought.

I’ve loved/hated having my t:slim over the last 3.5 years. It seems to be the one I keep going back to though simply because the convenience for both day-to-day and uploading is the easiest I’ve ever used by far. It seems my “issues” that I have come in the summer months though, so we’ll see how this year fairs out. If I can go through without any unexplainable events, then it will probably seal the deal for me.

I just hope and pray with all of my might that if I upgrade (to the one with newer software, not the one with G4 though), that it will last me a while without having to get replacements. I’m currently on my 6th t:Slim and I hope that the trend doesn’t continue if I stay with them. I like the company and I think they have a good thing going for them. But just like any product, it has it’s greatnesses and it’s weaknesses. It’s just deciding on whether the greatness outweighs (in my mind) the weaknesses I’ve experienced and have the potential of experiencing again.

Oh, to ponder the thoughts….. *sigh*