The Door…


It finally happened.

After seeing posts from others and sharing with some how I hadn’t had any issues with my t:slim’s battery door and being in awe and wonder of how some people can go through them so fast, it happened.

It was like the pride of the possibility of either having an invincible charge port door or having the super ability to be unknowingly very careful was gone. Poof.

But, I digress. I’ve joined the ranks of those who have had to replace their charge port doors now.

image (8)

Everything’s all good now though. I noticed the barely-hanging-on door Monday and called it in to Tandem, and they promptly sent me two complementary doors. You just pop the old one off and pop the new one on. Which, I have to say, the new ones look to be built sturdier, so hopefully they won’t wear has fast.

image (9)
Old one / New one. It seems they have placed more rubber/plastic over the bend instead of just letting little dots hold it in place for now.

And so goes another day in this little adventure with my t:slim.


Nothing Like Coming Home

I recently went on vacation to the beach and, as usual, I take my vacation from my pump as well (though usually it’s just a matter of it being a “tubing” break rather than a real pump break). Usually, I don’t mind this little break, but this year was different.

Since the new cartridges came out from Tandem earlier this year, I’ve been using my t:slim pump regularly. I finally feel that I have a pump that fits not just my diabetic needs but my personality as well. I don’t see it as a cumbersome box that’s hooked to me by a cord, but a functional and fun device to use. I wear it in the clips most of the time, sea shellbut for dresses, I can wear it in my bra under my arm and it’s so small, it’s barely noticeable and it doesn’t bother my arm like other, thicker pumps do.  For once, I have a pump that I don’t feel limits my dress or my way of doing things on a regular basis. Even though it’s not tubeless, it’s small size makes up for it and allows me to be very versatile with how I wear it.

I can honestly say that I very much so missed my t:slim on vacation. I missed having my quick bolus button (especially since I have it set to give me insulin for every 10g of carbs instead of per unit… it takes the math out of the “equation” somewhat). I missed the control I had finally fine-tuned and gained before going on vacation. I missed the super quick tapping in a blood sugar and using the calculator to add my carbs for me. I missed how easy this one little pump had made my life, even as opposed to any other pump I’ve used. For me, personally, this pump is jam-up awesomesauce and it took this vacation to seal that in my head. I missed it so much, that it was on my to-do-as-soon-as-we-got-home list. I think it was my last step after unpacking before I even sat down to rest. That’s how much I missed it.

And now, I’m even more excited to know that this pump is being trialed with the Bionic Pancreas. It makes me super excited about the technology that may be in the pipeline for diabetics as well until we get a cure.