There are a number of things that I like/love about the t:slim. The orientation is not one of them. Just like most all pumps (except for the Omnipod PDM controller) are landscape oriented, meaning that it is longer than it is tall. While this is okay and probably will be super helpful once Dexcom integration is here, it just doesn’t help the pump sit comfortably in your hand for one-handed operation. Being a mom and everything else that I do, I usually have both hands busy with something, and if I can bolus single-handedly while being able to hold my crying kid, I consider that a huge win. I can usually bolus single-handed now, but I’m reading sideways. If the pump could be portrait oriented, it would be so much easier!! But, of course, this is just a wish. Doesn’t have to be a priority, but I would absolutely LOVE this!! (And once Dexcom is integrated, maybe let those screens be the only ones that are landscape?)



One thought on “Orientation

  1. I didn’t even think about that and you’re totally right! Sometimes trying to bolus while juggling 1,000 other things involving a child it’s just a miracle getting the right amount punched in!

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