So it’s been almost a week since I received my replacement t:slim and things seem to be going okay with it so far. I have uploaded a few times and all of my records are matching in percentages on the dashboard and the logbook is logging correctly (verses recording boluses and carbs 3 and 4 times over).

We did have a little bit of a hiccup in t:connect that neither I or can the rep at Tandem figure out how it happened, but on Saturday, there was a note added into my account that I had eaten Kashi rice and chicken of some sort… which I didn’t. I didn’t even make a note in there Saturday, and no one has access to my account. In fact, the only reason I use notes anyway is to mark the start of my monthly visit from Aunt Flo or any other wild, out of the ordinary occurrence. When I called, I suggested the thought that maybe I had received a refurbished pump and someone still had access to an old account with that serial number. The rep told me that they had sent out a brand new pump, so no one had ever used it before. So, that makes me feel a lot better knowing it wasn’t just a wiped and reprogrammed pump like other pump companies do. (It also explains why they are a little more rigorous in their questioning whether to replace a pump you have or not.)

Other than that, I’m doing okay with the pump. I’m trying to retrain my thinking on how to bolus in that when you read the screen, the first thing you see is the carb button. Seeing as how the first thing I do is test my BG and enter that into any other pump I’ve ever used, that’s what I’m accustomed to doing, so I end up entering the BG into the carb section. Retraining myself to read and enter information from right to left is odd, but seems to be working so far. And right now, entering the correct information for BG records is very important because I’m using my Freestyle Lite meter that I’ve had tucked away forever in efforts to use up my stock of strips, and I don’t have a meter cable yet (ordered it… it’s on it’s way) to upload that data and get a better picture of things.

Now, if we can just get Dexcom data to upload into t:connect, I’ll be one happy camper.


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