Due to the fact that I had put my pump to “sleep” back in April when it really shouldn’t have and it messed up quite a few things in the pump, the nice people at Tandem replaced it for me.

So, whatever you do… do NOT ever put your t:slim into sleep mode unless you’re sending it back to the company! Serious damage can happen to the memory of the pump. I had made a post on how to do this in April, and am removing that post as well as the video because it is definitely something you should NOT do just for pump breaks.

I’m currently wearing a pod because I was unsure of 1) if they would replace the pump and 2) how long it would take to get it. Well, the new one was overnighted, and I have until Friday for the pod, so I’ll be wearing it until then. I would switch back now, but I have only a few pods left, and I’d hate to waste this one knowing I couldn’t use it ever again.


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