I wish, in the easeness of the pump, that when duplicating the profiles, you could choose to have it duplicate as-is, or simply duplicate and adjust up or down by percentage all of the factors. So if you chose to increase all factors by, say 15%, not only would your basal rate increase, but so would your I:C ratio and insulin sensitivity factor.


There are times when I am really insulin resistant, and times when I’m insulin sensitive (thank you, Mother Nature). Then, there are also those times I’ve filled the cartridge with the “bottom of the bottle” insulin that isn’t as potent as when the vial was first opened. I wish there were a way other than setting a 72hr basal rate that I could just easily copy a profile and have the pump automatically adjust the basal rates, IC ratios, and insulin sensitivity factor based on that percentage increase or decrease.

The whole idea behind having profiles in the first place was to have one central location to change any and all factors without going to multiple menus. When adjusting for varying sensitivity, wouldn’t it also make sense to be able to temporarily switch all contributing factors in the world of insulin delivery?

I mean, the set up is pretty darn easy as it is anyway, so this isn’t a complaint at all. It’s so much easier to switch a profile than it is a basal rate THEN everything else individually. I could easily do the math myself, duplicate the profile, and just adjust everything in the profile except the time slots. Just thinking maybe it would be one more way the t:slim could be that much easier to use.

Or, just have two options for temporary use: Temp basal and Temp profile.


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