IMG_5576Last night was change-out night. I had 33 units left in the pump, but I could tell the site wasn’t working quite as well. (Not to mention, the 300+ bg sorta gave it away too.) And it was a good thing, because the pump site area was a hard lump when I pulled it out, so it was good that I did.IMG_5577

So, spurr of the moment, I decided to make a video. I’ve done this before, but I decided to do another one for the blog. 🙂


One thought on “Cartridge Changeout

  1. A note to Tandem: You know, your trainers tell us to stand the pump up while doing the bubble/air-removing task while loading and then filling… But do you realize that the pump is a little top heavy and doesn’t like to stand up. So when we’re supposed to do something else, like put a site in while we’re waiting 10 minutes for the 20+ units to be wasted, we actually have to make sure to either hold the pump so it stays standing or just not bump the table to cause it to fall over. Another impracticality.

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