Oh the t:slim’s clip. Sure, shortly after the initial setup was released that included a very bulky t:case and t:slider (which I do use sometimes, but not very often at all), they came up with the t:clip. A slider case with a clip attached. This was a great improvement over what they had… but it’s still lacking in my opinion.


Really, it’s just one complaint. The clip doesn’t clip the pump far enough down to make it a steady hold. I’m constantly making sure my pump isn’t leaning forward or about to fall off of my pants/skirt/whatever. And it’s absolutely terrible for those of us who wear the pump clipped “between the girls”.

So, please Tandem.. redesign the clip. Below, I’ve attached a photoshopped clip to include a redesign that I feel would work. You would still have two pieces (great for those who like to mix/match still too!) but the connection would be more towards the middle, allowing the smaller piece to be longer and thus the clip being able to be higher.

photo (14)


3 thoughts on “The Clip

  1. I prefer the t:holster, which is basically the same except that it rotates around and is a bit more bulky. Can’t stand this, or the t:clip, compared to what Medtronic offers with its pump. Again, I would rather wear my pump facing toward my skin to offer some level of steadiness, but there’s no way I feel comfortable with the clip dangling and possibly falling to the floor because of the case design. Obviously, this was designed by an engineer and not someone who actually had to live with the pump clipped to their bodies.

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