So I’ve been exercising with my sisters-in-law at night to try to lose some weight and get “fit” before vacation next month. Last night, we went walking (2.8 miles!! yay!) and for a 1/4 mile, I ran {yes, me, I finally ran 1/4 mile straight!}. The only thing is, my pump (the t:slim) was right next to my body.

Today, I’ve been having issues with highs. Like, spikey ones and ones that make me sick to my stomach. I haven’t had this in a while, and I’m worried about if the heat cooked my insulin? I know others can’t use Apidra in the t:slim because of how much heat the little pump gives off anyway, and now I’m wondering if out in exposed settings, it can overheat even Novolog (which has the highest temperature tolerance of the three RA insulins). Which would be bad, because with summer comes heat and we go to the beach every year for vacation and spend a lot of time outside playing there.


I only had switched back to the t:slim to be able to study my reports (because I can’t stand Diasend), but I’m thinking maybe if it can’t handle heat too, then what’s the point? I certainly don’t want to be switching out every two days either. And my reports? Well, they’re all screwed up to heck and back.. and what’s worse is I think it is because I put the pump to “sleep” back in March when I went on break from it and it messed up the pump memory (Tandem is looking into this).

I’m just baffled by this. I never had this issue with my Animas pump (which I’m strongly thinking of going back to and not looking back at all ever again).  I have plenty of stocked up supplies for my Ping, so I may as well switch back. I just hate how picky this t:slim pump is seeming to be for me. It’s really cool and I think they have  a great product, but it’s just not working out for me the more and more I use it. (Oh, and did you know the smallest basal rate you can set on it is 0.1? Not great for those who need tiny basals like 0.025u/hr.)

Have any of you other Tandem t:slim users had this problem??


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