Since starting on the t:slim, I’ve seen MUCH better numbers in my glucose levels. Still, I have no idea why they are, but I’m completely excited about it. I have noticed, though, that I need to fine-tune some areas, like my Correction Factor and a couple of minor things. So, what else to do but pull out the number one go-to pumper’s manual?

Only the best book for pumpers!

That’s right. I pulled out my brand spankin’ new copy (Okay, I ordered it back in September and am just reading through it again) and started back over. I’m going through looking at calculations and suggestions to see what the best course of action to do would be. And, since my Correction Factor seems to be my worst enemy, I’m starting with that one.

Super Customize-able basal rates and factors!

So, I took my old one and conservatively added 5% to the number, and I have gone from a 1:65 to a 1:72. I have NEVER used a weird number that didn’t end in a “0″ or “5″ for a factor, so this is all new to me. Also, note my basal rate has also ended in a new number… a “0.x2″. The ability of this pump to do such small increments is astounding to me!

Super customize-able settings!

Oh, and I’m also testing my insulin duration. Not just by the hour mark, but by the minute. 4 hours is too short, and 4:30 seems long… so why not go middle-road, eh?

Granted, I know day-to-day is going to throw different challenges, but if I can get an overall average that keeps me on-track like, 75% of the time, I’m okay with that.

So, off to readjust and fine-tune. Happy Monday, peoples!

(Oh, and I know some of you were wondering about the battery usage and how long it would go between charges last week…. I haven’ t charged it since Tuesday, and I still have 45% battery power left. And charge time is noted in the manual as being 1 minute per 1 percent – so if I let it go down to 10%, it’s going to take 90 minutes to recharge.)


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